Meet Audrey Peters: TikTok’s Rising “It” Girl Who’s Keeping It Real on Social Media

You know, Audrey Peters is not one to hold back her honest opinion or keep fans in the dark about her cosmetic procedures. She’s really making waves on TikTok and becoming the “It” girl of the platform, you know what I mean?

With almost 700,000 followers, Audrey Peters shares all the details of her daily life. From the struggles of dating in New York City to the envy-inducing high-fashion accessories she’s been eyeing (or trying to get her hands on), she’s got it all covered. Oh, and let’s not forget about the beauty products she swears by in her routine!

But here’s what sets Audrey apart from the usual “Get Ready With Me” videos on TikTok: she brings the laughs with her self-deprecating humor. She’s just so real and open, you can’t help but love her. No wonder she’s gaining such a huge following. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on following her – if you aren’t already, that is.

In an exclusive interview with TalkTrendz, Audrey Peters spilled the tea on her viral fame: dealing with internet trolls, building her brand, and more.

Audrey Peters: When I first started TikTok, one of my very first videos blew up overnight. I woke up to 10,000 followers and a million views! I freaked out and deleted the video because I didn’t want my bosses to see it. Oops! 😅

Why do you think users are obsessed with your content?

A.P: Maybe it’s my authenticity, tenacity, and transparency. Or maybe I’m just not afraid to take accountability…and dance moves! 💃

What inspires your daily content? How has it changed over the years?

A.P: It’s a mix of pop culture trends, fashion inspo, and ideas from my fabulous friends. I used to post more lifestyle and comedy, but then I made a video about a Chanel shoe that went viral. Now, fashion and beauty are my jam!

You’re known for tackling controversial topics. Are you scared of cancel culture or online haters?

A.P: Nah, cancel culture doesn’t intimidate me. I’ve dealt with worse bullies in middle school. I’m the girl who’s “a lot” and proud of it! 💪

How do you handle internet trolls and mean comments?

A.P: I’ve learned not to take advice from anyone I wouldn’t trade lives with. So why would I let an internet troll bother me? Bye, haters! 👋

You’re open about your cosmetic procedures on TikTok. Why is honesty about plastic surgery important? Should more influencers be real too?

A.P: Since I’ve been open about my procedures, other creators have followed suit. We shouldn’t be crucified for wanting to look and feel our best. Let’s be real and embrace our imperfections! 🙌

You flaunt your high-end fashion purchases on TikTok. Do you ever get nervous about it?

A.P: Nah, the fashion community on social media is a blast! I enjoy sharing the perks that come with having amazing followers like mine. #Blessed

As a social media influencer, any interesting fan encounter stories?

A.P: Once, on a first date, a lovely girl approached me and said I changed her life and boosted her confidence. Sweetest fan encounter ever! Although my date probably thought she was a paid actress. 😂

What are your future goals for your brand?

A.P: I’d love to be more integrated into the high fashion community. My dream since I was a little girl is to sit front row at Paris Fashion Week. One day, it’ll happen! ✨